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Basic data

District area Approximately 120 ha  
Working population Approximately 350,000 people*  
Site area Approximately 66 ha  
Building floor area Approximately 880 ha (including future projects)  
Number of buildings 103 buildings  
By number of years after construction -1969
Designated floor area ratio 1300% 1200% 900% 700%
Number of projects that utilize various methods for city development Integrated design
Special district
Special districts for city regeneration
Special floor-area ratio district
Use substitution between buildings
10 projects
4 projects
12 projects
2 projects (9 buildings)
2 projects (4 buildings)


Railway network 28 lines, 13 stations
(Same-name stations on different subway lines are respectively counted.)
Number of train passengers Approximately 1,170,000 people per day
Regional shuttle bus (Marunouchi Shuttle) Approximately 650,000 users/year, 14 stops
Parking spaces 13,000 cars
(※Survey from the Council on OMY Parking Environment in 2022)
Access to airports Narita Airport: Approximately 55 minutes
Haneda Airport: 27 minutes (By trains)

Eco-friendly environment

Amount of CO2 emissions Approximately 700,000 t-CO2
Power generation amount through solar panel in the area Total 1,100 kW in 13 locations
(*Source: press releases from various companies)
Rooftop and wall greening Approximately 16,000 m²
(*Survey from the Ecozzeria Association in 2013)
District cooling and heating

Introduced in the 1970s
Marunouchi Heat Supply Co., Ltd.: Approximately 647 ha (total floor area serviced)
Tokyo Heat Supply Co., Ltd.: Approximately 21 ha (total floor area serviced)

Cluster of corporations

Number of business establishments Approximately 5,000*
Number of listed corporations 118 out of 2,550
(listed on the first and second sections of the TSE)
Sales/GDP ratio among the corporations listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Approximately 120 trillion yen / approximately 8.85%
Fortune TOP 500 21 corporations in the Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho district

Safety and security

Facilities that have an agreement with Chiyoda Ward to accept people unable to go home during a disaster 30 facilities
*Source: Urban Renaissance Safety Security Plan in the OMY district

Information technology

Screens for local information on the district (Marunouchi Vision) 105 screens

Scenery and style

Buildings designated as important cultural properties, registered cultural properties, and historic buildings of Tokyo 4 buildings
Other restored, partially preserved, or reproduced historical buildings 4 buildings

Support for workers

Childcare centers 13 facilities
Medical centers (including dental offices) 140 facilities

Culture and interaction

Museums, theaters, and galleries 7 locations
Hotels and serviced apartments 14 locations, 2,663 rooms
Halls and conference facilities 24 locations

* Calculated based on the Economic Census and other data
 (using data through 2021)