City planning promoted through public and private collaborations

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City development activities and a promotion system

City development activities and a promotion system

Actual city planning through public and private partnerships

The “Regeneration of ‘Marunouchi'” was proposed by a review committee established within the City Planning Institute of Japan in March 1996. In order to utilize the Public Private Partnership (PPP) stated in the proposal, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Chiyoda Ward, the East Japan Railway Company, and the Council established in September 1996 the “Advisory Committee on Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho Area Development” as a platform for the public and private sectors to freely discuss the future of the district.

The advisory committee discussed how to reach the desired level of development in the district based on the “future”, “rules”, and “methods” to follow in order to make the future a reality.

Guideline for the Redevelopment of the Area

Guideline for the Redevelopment of the Area

After holding deep discussions while retaining the principles of the predetermined guidelines and taking these opinions into consideration, the advisory committee put together the “2014 Guideline for the Redevelopment of the Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho District”. This guideline will serve as a good precedent that leads to ripple effects on the city planning efforts and economic activities of other districts so that city planning efforts can actually be put into effect.

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Groups supporting community development in the OMY district

The Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho district is located at the heart of Tokyo.
Also known as the “OMY district”, various global values are emerging here due to its gathering of leading domestic and foreign companies by virtue of its convenience of transportation, with Tokyo Station and many other stations within the area.

In order to enhance the appeal of the area, an organization that serves as a leader promoting the adoption of not only tangible elements, but also intangible elements such as exchange activities, urban tourism, and environmental action is important.
In cooperation with many other organizations, the Council works on appealing and sustainable development where all the aspects of “environment”, “economy”, “society”, and “culture” can be maintained in a balanced manner.

The Ecozzeria

The Association for Creating Sustainability in Urban Development of the OMY District (Ecozzeria Association) is an organization that was created in 2007 to promote various efforts in urban development that co-exists with the environment by a city that needs to address environmental issues on a global scale. As a corporation that operates the “CSV Business Development Platform” for improved city planning projects and the solving of social issues, it plans to continue with further activities through the new “3×3 Lab Future” facility for promoting exchanges based on accumulated social capital assets in an aim to realize the “OMY Sustainability Vision”.

OMY Area Management

The OMY Area Management Association is known by the nickname, “Ligare”, which means, “to tie” in Latin. It aims to contribute to the revitalization of the regional community, and therefore Tokyo and Japanese society, by implementing projects involving revitalization and environmental improvement as well as community-building in the region centering on the Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho district, in respect of the purpose and contents of the “Guideline for the Redevelopment of the Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho District” formulated by the Advisory Committee on Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho Area Development.


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